Filha de Alberto do Mónaco continua a lutar contra a Covid-19
Jazmin Grimaldi, filha de Alberto do Mónaco
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Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, filha de Alberto do Mónaco, luta contra a Covid-19 há um mês.

A jovem americana de 28 anos explicou que, depois de se sentir melhor durante vários dias, o seu estado de saúde piorou repentinamente, a ponto de ser hospitalizada.

Jazmin, que já teve alta, foi internada durante o fim de semana para realizar exames mais profundos.

A filha mais velha do príncipe Alberto do Mónaco anunciou em julho, através de um vídeo, que estava infetada com Covid-19.

Recorde-se que em março, o príncipe Alberto também foi testado positivo para Covid-19. Jazmin é fruto de um affair entre o príncipe do Mónaco e a norte-americana Tamara Rotolo. A paternidade só foi reconhecida por Alberto em 2006.


I am proud to be a woman. I am never going to throw away my right to vote or disrespect my female ancestors who took a stand. Today we celebrate 100 years since the 19th amendment was passed so that women could vote! I am happy to announce I sent in my absentee ballot today, GO 🗳 VOTE! Those of you may know I have been struggling with my Health due to Covid. My immunity may be knocked down for a little while longer but my spirit is high, I’m a strong woman, I’m a survivor. I am happy to admit I’m out of the hospital and now I am home on this winding road to recovery. However, I was admitted to the hospital over the weekend because my symptoms continued to worsen since I last checked in on Friday. I developed a chicken pox like rash and continued having uncomfortable body aches with longer severe pain by my lungs /rib cage, flashes of fever, and debilitating migraines. I had a series of tests taken: blood work, urine test and chest X-ray. My white blood cells and my lymphocytes are low and my CRP aka inflammation in the body is higher than normal which are all indicators of the Covid virus still affecting the body. Regardless, if I continue to carry the same strain or have a new one my body is in fact still fighting the virus. I have been put on antibiotics for possible covid related pneumonia caught in the early stages and due to a small nodule found on my right lung which could be from Covid damage too. I will get a check up again in a few weeks and continue to monitor my symptoms. The doctors are still learning and confessed they have seen other cases similar to mine. I am beyond frustrated and just want my body to find peace and comfort. The pain is so uncomfortable and debilitating and there is not much to do but to rest, and ice packs for some relief. I am sharing my story so that all of you can be aware and maybe share in similar symptoms. The Covid virus is so strong and mysterious. I know we are all over talking about Covid, hearing about Covid and living in fear or disbelief of this virus. Believe me I am more than ready to be done myself but unfortunately I have no choice. Listen to your body! Protect yourself, to protect others.Take care!

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