Cantora portuguesa Maro faz emotivo dueto com Eric Clapton
Maro canta com Eric Clapton
Redação Lux em 27 de Maio de 2020 às 10:48

Maro, cantora e compositora portuguesa, fez um dueto à distância com Eric Clapton no emblemático tema "Tears in Heaven".

A artista de 25 anos, que se chama  Mariana Seccapartilhou o vídeo desse momento especial com o músico britânico de 75 anos.


@ericclapton - Tears in Heaven I’m not even sure where to start… I’ve listened to @ericclapton’s music my whole life. I don’t remember not knowing his work. I do remember when I got enough money to buy that little square iPod and would listen to Layla over and over again, for yearssss. To be honest, I only stopped because I lost that iPod, in a bus going to Laos, so maybe someone in Asia is listening to Layla right now… I hope they are! This to say that Eric’s songs are iconic, not just to me but to all of us, I’m sure. And I’ve said this before but for an artist to take a song of theirs and be willing to do it in a different key, with a different arrangement and in a very specific way of recording, it takes a whole lot of generosity. To Eric: I know there’s no way to match your epic recordings & performances but thank you for letting me try, I’m forever grateful. Today I got to call him! Here’s a video of our conversation :) #callmaro

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