Meghan Markle lança coleção de roupa
Meghan Markle - Smart Works collection Foto: DR
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Meghan Markle usou um look seu no evento de moda beneficente, na Oxford Street, em Londres, em que foi feito o lançamento da sua coleção-cápsula de roupa Smart Works collection , na qual parte das peças serão doadas a instituições que apoiam mulheres desempregadas.

No evento que marcou o fim, da sua licença de maternidade, Meghan Markle usou uma camisa branca com calças pretas.


Introducing the new Smart Works collection, #TheSmartSet Over the last year, The Duchess of Sussex and @SmartWorksCharity have come together to launch a very special initiative. Following numerous visits to the charity, The Duchess, who is patron of Smart Works, noticed an underlying issue...While the donations were plentiful, the right sizes and classic wardrobe staples were not always available. Since then - having partnered with leading British fashion designers @InsideJigsaw, @JohnLewisandPartners, @MarksandSpencer and @MishaNonoo - The Duchess has championed the launch of a new Smart Works capsule collection that will help properly equip these women for their next chapter. • “When you buy any item in the Smart Set Capsule Collection for Smart Works, the same item will be given to a Smart Works client, and with it, the confidence and support she needs to enter the workforce and take an important step in building a career.” - The Duchess of Sussex Created in September 2013 with the goal to help unemployed women regain the confidence that may have been blurred during more difficult times, Smart Works provides invaluable support in these women’s return to employment and towards transforming their lives. Not only do they supply complete outfits for job interviews, Smart Works provides access to one-to-one interview training and the opportunity to join Smart Works Network, meeting every month to further their professional and personal development. #TheSmartSet collection – that features a shirt, trousers, blazer, dress and bag – will be on sale for two weeks starting today. Please support the women of Smart Works by purchasing one of the pieces and being part of another woman’s success story. Video ©️ SussexRoyal / Photo ©️ @JennyZarins

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